Sunday, August 21, 2022

I Finally Gave in to my "Buy an Instrument" Jones ...

... in an impulsive but budget-conscious (in the short term, anyway) way.

I've been craving a new guitar. For some reason, 11 or 13 (I forget which at the moment) aren't enough. And I've been playing again a little bit, maybe just to justify acting on that craving.

Not that I was planning to go crazy or anything. What I had in mind was a ~$100 Glarry semi-hollow Telecaster clone (not an affiliate link), or possibly a round-neck Pyle resonator I noticed on sale at Amazon for, IIRC, $139.

But I resisted. I kept holding off.

And then Tamara and I did our Saturday morning yard sale thing, and there it was for $20:

The seller said he thought it was from the 1930s. Based on some looks at places like this gallery, I think he may have been right.

It's cool. It would be cool as just decor, but after looking at all those rigs online, I'm thinking of getting it set up as part of a "one-man-band" style kit, perhaps with a hi-hat (or lowboy or snowshoe) and a "trap table" on top like back when. I've already got a pedal/beater around here somewhere from a cheap drum kit one of the kids got, then FORgot.  I'll need little side legs or a base. Etc. The scheme would work well with my Gretsch reproduction of a 1930s "camp ukulele" (see here and here).

Of course, doing all that would probably put me up past the cost of just buying a damn guitar. And I'd need to put more time into learning ukulele and some drum technique. But that would be over time, not instant, so I can pretend for a little while that I "saved" myself eighty bucks while still feeding the addiction.

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