Monday, August 08, 2022

Some SEO Clues

As I occasionally do, I'm running KN@PPSTER through various site analysis / search optimization engines to see what comes up.

Interesting "organic keywords" results from Ahrefs:

  1. Not entirely surprisingly, this site is the top-ranked search result when someone looks for "knappster."
  2. Somewhat surprisingly, my next best "organic keyword" is "tom woods groomer," which returns this post as the 13th highest result.
  3. My Daily Wordle Hints are making the top 100 results. Hopefully they'll climb to "first page" status as time goes on.
  4. I have a lot of top 100 results for this post from people searching various topics related to Ink Master.

Well, I guess maybe I should do more blogging about "celebritarian" controversies. Or at least about Tom Woods.

And I should probably keep at the Wordle thing.

And I should go back over that Ink Master post for clues about why it continues to do not too terribly in search results after eight years.

But I'll probably mostly just keep at whatever I feel like doing, perhaps tinkering with technical details like using the right "H1 headers in the right places" type stuff to feed the search algorithms.

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