Sunday, August 28, 2022

I Try Not to Miss a Garrison Center Column Very Often ...

... but I guess this weekend's is going to be an exception.

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday, and we did a family outing for dinner, etc.

Today, I have a political event to attend in the early evening.

And in between I've been e.g. trying to take frequent breaks to avoid heat stroke while making a start on cutting up the big oka that fell in our yard more than a week ago (fortunately missing both house and cars by 8-10 feet) and that the landlord hasn't deigned to call me back about yet.

Also, nothing especially interesting seems to be going on, which means I'd probably default to a column about a topic I'm sick of (something, something, the disgraced former president, something).

I expect to make up for it next weekend, which is a holiday weekend that I'd normally consider using as a column holiday.

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