Friday, August 12, 2022

I Don't Gripe About Blogspot Much ...

... because it's a "free" service that's pretty darn good at what it does. I don't have to worry about hosting, paying for a domain name, etc., and there are lots of easy tools to do the things.

But the changes they've been making have not all been for the better.

Back in the old days, the sidebar widgets here at KN@PPSTER included a "quick edit" button that only I could see (and only if I was logged in). If I wanted to change something, I just clicked the button and went to work.

Then they disappeared. Now if I want to edit the sidebar widgets, I have to click on "design," then choose "layout," then choose the widget, etc.

OK, no biggie. It's not like I edit the widgets every day or anything.


When I was messing with the blog template the other day, accidentally nuked it, and ended up choosing a new template, a different "quick edit" function disappeared.

Before that, when I was logged in, there was a little pencil icon at the bottom of every post. Click it, and start editing out typos, adding updates, etc.

Now, you guessed it, I have to click on "design" or "new post," find the post I want to edit in a list, and edit it.

It all seems to have something to do with Google wanting to move away from cookies ... but these things seem like fairly basic functions that could be done without cookies.

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