Friday, August 05, 2022

Provisional/Pending Podcast Verdict: Complete Shitshow

In order:

  1. I accidentally scheduled today's KN@PPSTER: Thanks For Asking! podcast for 11pm instead of 11am. And opened what I thought was "the room for it" and quacked live for several minutes before realizing the problem.
  2. I then re-scheduled the room for 11:30am. But come about 11:30am, the room would not allow me to click on it to "go live" (here's the point where I start blaming the Callin app instead of myself).
  3. So I created a new room/episode, went live, did the thing -- a few people even dropped in, maybe those of you reading this are among them! -- and when it was done and I clicked on "Edit and Publish Recordings" ...
  4.  Nothing, mostly. It tries to pull up the screen listing any recordings. The screen is that sort of "halfway between blank and blurry stuff to indicate content is loading." Sometimes it sits there until I close and re-open the app. Sometimes it sits there for a few minutes and then tells me "please check your Internet connection" (which is fine, I've tested it using other Internet-connected apps on both WiFi and 4G mobile from the same device).
So, there may or may not be a podcast, and I may or may not ever be allowed to edit and post that podcast, and if I am allowed to edit and post the podcast, I will admit that the content is kinda meh. I answered a couple of questions from this month's blog thread, and talked for a few minutes about various things from the blog (US Senate predictions, joining the Forward Party, etc.).

I'm going to give Callin a few hours to not be screwed up anymore (from point 4, I think there really are problems with the app, not just my usage) before I start looking for another format (Twitter Spaces might be more accessible to more people who don't want to install a new app just to listen/participate, and I'm sure there are other possibilities as well).

So, that's what's I'm  doing today. In between putting my tobacco, cauliflower, and yellow Spanish onions in the ground, thinking about a new template for this blog, and thinking about a couple of political projects I may get going on.

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