Sunday, August 25, 2019

Weekends Like This ...

... are why I try to blog a lot earlier in the month. Never know what's going to come up and I do want to manage 30 or more posts per month on average.

I was planning to get quite a bit of writing done this weekend -- a couple of blog posts, Monday's column, some work on another project I'll be telling you about eventually. I also expected to have time to bike 10 miles on Saturday and maybe even finally get to the theater to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Then things just started drifting south in a big way.

First the neighbor's dog died.

Good dog, Pepper. About a year ago, the neighbor took her to the vet with a swelling in her right jaw. Cancer. Incurable. No point in operating, it will just come back. Here's some anti-biotics for a related infection and some anti-inflammatories for the pain and swelling.

I've been visiting next door twice a day for months to help get pills down her gullet, etc. And she seemed to have a pretty good quality of life until late this last week, when she started to have trouble getting up and walking. Yesterday, Tamara and I dropped by. Pepper gave her usual greeting bark, wagged her tail, and headed for the back door (her owner has trouble getting around, so Pepper would wait for one of us to come by before asking to be let outside).

Maybe 15 minutes later she was dead. Went outside, did her business, lay down on the grass. I went out to see if she needed help getting up. She couldn't get up at all. I carried her inside, and by the time we got there she wasn't breathing.

So, I buried her, got a nap (it was hot and I was tired), and then Tamara and I went out to do some household shopping. During which time we got the call: My daughter's 1998 Volvo S-90 had been rear-ended by a pickup truck at a red light. No major apparent injuries, but a few hours at the ER awaiting examination, CAT scan, etc.

I'm glad she was driving a Volvo. The car is basically gone from its rear end to its rear axle, but both occupants walked away with minor visible scratches.

So, how was your weekend?

Friday, August 23, 2019

So I'm Doing This Thing ...

I've walked and biked hundreds (heck, maybe thousands by now -- I got my "500 Mile Club" t-shirt a long time ago) of miles to raise money for charity using the Charity Miles phone app. Every time I log a walk or cycling session, a sponsor donates.

Now there's an additional "pledge tool." My friends pledge some amount per mile, and if I make the goal by the deadline, they contribute that amount to Habitat For Humanity.

My goal is to bike 500 miles before the end of the year. I'm at 32 miles at the moment, and starting to pick up the pace (I need to average around five miles per day by the end of the year to make the goal; my exercise goal is to work back up to 10 miles per day, five days a week; so if I make the latter, I'll certainly make the former).

If you support Habitat For Humanity's mission -- building homes for the poor, more than 800,000 of them so far -- you can help with that commission AND motivate me to exercise more by pledging a few cents per mile (a five cent per mile pledge would come to $25 total).

Here's where you go to pledge.

Thanks in advance.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Nuance ...

... may be pleasing in art, but when applied to politics or policy proposals is either a catastrophic flaw or a mendacious dodge.


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