Thursday, February 22, 2024

Wordle 978 Hint

Hint: Like water with deuterium (rather than hydrogen-1) atoms.

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First Letter: H

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Update On Those Aforementioned Medicals ...

My lung function test yesterday came out even better than the one a year ago. The doctor did prescribe me an albuterol inhaler because I very occasionally have an annoying wheeze, but other than that it was "continue not smoking, and if you want to lose weight concentrate on resistance instead of just aerobic exercise and add protein to your diet. I asked him if that meant I could tell Tamara I am no medically required to eat a ribeye each day, and he said "if you can afford that, go for it."

Tamara had her basal cell carcinoma removal this morning. Took a couple of hours, because they basically scrape a layer off, freeze it, look at it, and repeat until they dont' see any cancer cells in the latest layer. She's doing fine.

I haven't decided yet whether I've skipped a Garrison Center column and will be back tomorrow, or whether I'll get a late one out today and push tomorrow's to Friday. Probably the former, since I was "out of the office" for about four hours today (and that or a little more yesterday) and need to get caught back up on Rational Review News Digest. I think I may go web shopping for a decent weight set at a decent price as well.

The Only Way to Prevent Julian Assange and Other Political Prisoners from Getting Navalnyed ...

... is probably to make credibly clear that if it happens, the lives of all those responsible in any way, shape, manner, or form for their deaths (including by incarcerating them and/or keeping them incarcerated) are forfeit.

If Assange, or Ross Ulbricht, or any of a number of others, die in prison, the question is not whether they were intentionally killed, or whether they were just allowed to be killed or to die.

When someone gets put in a cage, all persons (up to and including POTUSes who don't pardon them) responsible for them being in that cage are also jointly and severally responsible for what happens to them there. They are, as demonstrated their actions, imminent and credible threats to the life, liberty, and property of anyone they approach, and should be treated as such.