Friday, August 26, 2022

Advertising Disclosure

I started this one up a few days ago and forgot to mention it, but I do like to let KN@PPSTER's readers know what's going on with who gets ad space here and why. Keeps me honest, etc.

Down at the bottom of the blog, you'll see a 468x60 banner. On any given page load, it will likely pull up a different advertisement.

It's a "banner exchange" thing. Every time I show you a banner, I get a banner shown elsewhere (I also earn a commission on sales of banner impressions to people who sign up through my affiliate link, but it's mainly a traffic-driving thing, not a revenue-generating thing, from my perspective). I'm using it to promote my daily Wordle tips, Rational Review News Digest, etc.

Since I don't personally sell or serve the ads, please do not construe the presence of any particular ad as my endorsement of what's being promoted in that ad.

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