Sunday, February 27, 2022

I Needed Another Instrument Project Like I Needed Another Hole in the Head, But ...

This one kept enticing me until it got to be too good to pass up:

It's a Gretsch "Roots Collection" ukulele body. All it needs is tuners and strings.

It sat at a local thrift store, priced at $35, for months. Then one day they had a sale -- 50% off entire purchase if the total came to more than $50 -- and with some stuff Tamara was buying, this pushed the entire purchase to just over $50. So the end cost was $17.50.

Because it's a Gretsch, not some cheap plastic piece of crap, I decided to go with Grover tuners instead of $5 jobs. And because it's a "Roots Collection" thing, it seemed more authentic (and less trouble) to go with friction tuners than geared / machine head tuners. The tuners and a set of Ernie Ball strings set me back about $20 (just ordered them).

For less than $50 and not a whole lot of time/effort, I expect a pretty decent uke.

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