Monday, February 28, 2022

OK, I Didn't TOTALLY Blow the Month Off ...

I'm kind of surprised to have racked up 24 posts in a 28-day month.

My neighbor's death, in addition to making for a busy week or so, was also just a big ol' downer.

And I was distracted with some boring cryptocurrency stuff that I actually blogged about too much, probably. I prefer to be, you know, interesting.

I'm not very far off my "average of one post per day" goal, and expect I'll get caught up, maybe even ahead, in March.

One note that I keep meaning to bring up but don't think I have: Someone sent me some Dogecoin a little while back. IIRC, two transactions, in December. I didn't notice them at the time, and don't know who they came from, but whoever you are, thanks! I'm HODLing it.

A second note that I have brought up: If you don't have an FIO name, you probably should. It's not especially anonymous since it's tied to specific wallet addresses, but it does seem like a convenience instrument that could speed up adoption of cryptocurrency.

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