Saturday, August 06, 2005

Why I'm blogging for Doctors Without Borders

"In 2002, the return of more than two million Afghan refugees exceeds the war-ravaged country’s capacity to absorb them. More than 100 MSF international volunteers and 1,000 Afghan staff treat 45,000 patients in 16 provinces. In the north, teams care for 4,000 children in feeding centers and distribute food to people at risk of malnutrition."

This is the kind of work Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) does. Here's a gallery on their work in Afghanistan.

It's not just Afghanistan, of course. Every poor, war-torn trouble spot in the Third World has benefited from MSF's work. Check'em out. Help'em out.

Blogging notes: Since Blogger shows one time, my home computer shows another, and The World Clock shows a third, I'm going to just pick one. I'll be trying to post within 2 minutes, one way or the other, of when The World Clock says it's the half hour, and modifying the Blogger post time to match.

Damn, it's that time already. Who knew it took this long to write a simple post?

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