Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

- It's getting damn near impossible to parody the political correctness movement, because readers find it difficult to distinguish between parody and the idiotic reality.

- The "oh, lighten up -- it was really just sort of like fraternity hazing, only with guns and dogs" crowd is dead set against the American people seeing the other Abu Ghraib pictures. According to feldmarschall Myers, release of the photos (which presumably include Lyndie England swallowing a goldfish and Charles Graner cavorting around with a lampshade on his head after whipping up martinis for the Iraqi rush candidates) would "aid the insurgency." The insurgents must be planning a panty raid on the Tri-Delta house or something.

- Thinking about investing? Might want to have a look at urine futures.

- Oh well. It could always get worse. And it usually does.

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