Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sold American!

With Zube Girl's $20 pledge, and one offline pledge, my Blogathon campaign for Doctors Without Borders is now at ...

... wait for it ...

.... here it comes ...


Thanks, Teresa!

My goal was $123.60, but now I'm getting into this. Do I hear $200, anyone?

I'm getting way into narcoleptic territory right now, so there's a reasonable chance my posts will begin to become incoherent soon. Hell, they may already be incoherent and I just can't tell because I'm, like, incoherent. But anyway, if I get incoherent, please accept my apologies in advance for whatever I call you and whatever I do to your really hot sister. Oh, and about that $20 that's missing from your wallet. Yeah.

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