Saturday, August 06, 2005

We interrupt our usual programming ... (sticky)

... to bring you this important message once again (I am making this a sticky top post until just before the Blogathon starts, so scroll down for the newest stuff).

Blogathon 2005 is fast approaching. Are you participating or pledging? If not, please consider doing so. On August 6th, bloggers around the world will hit the keys for 24 hours straight to raise money for the charities of their choice.

My Blogathon campaign directs its pledges to Doctors Without Borders. Right now, $55 $85 $115 $120 $125 $175 has been pledged (thanks, Jenny and Karen and Andrew and Jake and Lisa and Dave and Anita and Stacie and Lady Penelope and Jorge!). I'd like to get that up to at least "minimum wage" ... and 24 hours at $5.15 per hour is $123.60. Seems like a reasonable amount to bring medical care to those who need it worst and have the least access to it.

Update: With Lady Penelope's pledge, my goal of $123.60 has been surpassed! I certainly won't discourage additional pledges, but I will declare the fundraising portion of this endeavor a success. Thanks to everyone who's pledged or will pledge -- now I just have to keep myself awake for 24 hours and give you something to read for your money!

Additional update: Received an offline pledge of $50 last night. Thanks, Jorge!

If my charity, or my blog, doesn't appeal to you ... why not support another blogger, or better yet jump in yourself?

Addendum -- You know, of course, that if you pledge you get my undying gratitude and a link to your blog or site somewhere on Kn@ppster. Those of you who don't see your names linked above, please send me a note with your URL.

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