Saturday, August 06, 2005

Blogathon follies

I committed to Blogathon before finding out about a planned trip to the in-laws' this weekend, which means that the rest of the household is buzzing around right now packing and getting ready to go ... and I spend the weekend alone, entertaining you guys. Talk about commitment, folks. One word: Pledge.

So, what's everyone doing to keep themselves occupied between posts for 24 whole hours?

Being alone and all, I decided to watch a movie trilogy that I've never seen, always wanted to see, and couldn't bludgeon the Significant Other into watching. So, it was off to the video store. Found El Mariachi in "foreign films" after a search, and after finding Once Upon a Time in Mexico in "action films." Desperado? No dice. Sucks to be me, I guess. What kind of video store stocks the first and last film of a trilogy, but not the middle?

So, between pausing and blogging, I figure I've got a good 6-8 hours of movie goodness to pass the time before I have to dip into the home collection.

I may run to the thrift store down the block and find a cheap exercycle or something once I get this half-hour cycle down pat.

Housework. Yergh.

Of course, there's blogstuff to do -- I'm hanging out in the BlogExplosion "shoutbox" shooting the breeze with a bunch of folks right now (for some reason, my AIM client won't stay minimized while I'm trying to blog, so I've bowed out of the group chat for the moment). Maybe I'll do a little template remodeling ... nope. Might crash it and miss a deadline.

Hell, if I have to I'll put on a little Barry White and dance naked.

Little more information than you needed, huh? But hey -- whatever it takes to get through this thing. We are, after all, professionals.

Next Blogathon site recommendation: Mommy's Busy, Take a Number, blogging against cancer.

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