Sunday, August 07, 2005

BlogProps to the second floor

I mentioned Luka of incogblogo dot net in an earlier post, but it bears expanding upon. Not just Blogathoning for Amnesty International, but also putting up some really skull-cracking trivia questions. Drop by and check it out.

Okay, we're coming up on 16 hours into this here quagmire of bilious bloggery. I'm at the point of doing housework between posts just to stay awake. Nekkid housework. I look like that thing Dan Akroyd turns into in the Twilight Zone movie (the one that Vic Morrow got killed making) when he asks "wanna see something really scary?" Help! I've Blogathoned and I can't get up! Mwuhahaha. The descent into incoherence proceeds apace. But as long as PureMood keeps reading, I'll keep writing. Wouldn't want a fellow Tennessean to think I'm a wuss, even if I've long since moved.

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