Saturday, August 06, 2005

A post, at least

Trying to help the rest of the family get en route at the moment. If you see nothing but this paragraph, it means that I ran too short on time to write something more intelligible, and just hit "publish" when it came time to fish or cut bait. Hey, at least I wrote something.

Okay, so I'm squeezing a minute or two in here. I should probably mention that the blogs/charities I'm recommending in these entries are mostly people I know. There are a bunch of great bloggers, blogging for great charities, whom I don't know. Use the Blogathon webring navigator in the sidebar, or just visit the Blogathon site to find others.

I notice that a number of Blogathon participants are offering "door prizes" to pledgers and commenters. Shoulda thought of that one. But what to offer? Hmmm ...

Okay, each of my pledgers certainly has something coming. But, to be honest, I don't have much. If you've pledged, or if you pledge, you get your choice of:

- A copy of my ebook Tom's No-Bullshit Guide to E-Zine Publishing; or

- One custom-written press release for your blog, organization, whatever; or

- Both.

The ebook sold several hundred copies with almost no promotion, and got good reader response. If you run, or want to start, a web- or email-based ezine, you may find it worth reading. I've been planning an updated edition, and I'll gladly give the pledgers that when it comes out, too.

I give good press release. References on request. No recommendation this half hour -- I'm picking them by going through the webring nav, and got stuck on a site where I can't find the webring nav. Doesn't mean it's not there, though. I use an old browser with some quirky behaviors.

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