Saturday, August 06, 2005

And we're on a roll, folks!

Okay, so I referred to radmaddog's list of most bangable blog babes in the last post. It's not my list (I have my own unpublished one), but it's interesting.

So I click on his number one pick, who turns out to be 1/4 Greek.

In anticipation of our weekend separation, the family ate out at a very good (but not very expensive) Greek restaurant last night, right after considering another place with a mean gyro, but I never can remember the name of the place, and right after seeing a street sign for the upcoming festival held by the St. Louis area's Greek Orthodox community (which I've never been to, but really, really need to go to). Had the babbaganous and a gyro. Yum.

So, Tom, WTF does all this Greek stuff have to do with Blogathon?

Ah, grasshopper: This is what I call "rotational serendipity." What comes around goes around, even if what goes down doesn't necessarily come up (and, thankfully, there was no hurling of pita and lamb at the old homestead last night).

My own list of most bangable blog babes includes (actually, it is topped by) another Greek, even though the only picture I've seen of her is a drawing on her blog that may or may not look anything like her -- it's a personality thing ...

... who happens to be the person who inspired me to enter Blogathon ...

... and whose own campaign I mentioned earlier, and had planned to mention again anyway. Opportunity always knocks, at least if you like Greek women and Greek food.

Shh ... don't tell her. I want her to think I'm playing hard to get.


Fan: How do you write women so well?

Melvin Udall: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.

-- As Good As It Gets

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