Sunday, August 07, 2005

Unsafe at any speed

So I get up from blogging to go mess with some laundry (remember, nekkid housecleaning here, folks), and I trip over my feet and fall right on my ass.

Now it's broken. Seriously. Big crack, right down the middle.

Maybe if you support Doctors Without Borders, they'll send someone to fix it.

But theriouthly, folkth ...

Wow -- my "mystery offline pledger" has not only gone online, but doubled his pledge. We are now up to $245! Thanks, Jorge! (yep -- a $100 pledge gets even me to use the much-maligned "blink" tag, although it is not implemented in all browsers). For that kind of money, I owe you some more writing. Just let me know which windmill to tilt at, and I'm there.

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