Monday, August 22, 2005


In "A curious exodus," I wrote:

- "Word on the Internet 'street' is that Bruce Cohen of California will be seeking election to Congress as a Republican ..."


- "A little bird tells me that he may also have the support, whether tacit or explicit, of the retiring incumbent ..."

Mr. Cohen just emailed me to let me know that the "street" -- and my little bird -- are incorrect. Here are a couple of relevant quotes:

"All of the nice things you said about me being good looking, smart, tall, desired by women and having a good public image are true. Even better news is that the little bird telling you I had switched parties is incorrect. I am still a registered Libertarian and plan to stay."


"I never considered changing parties for a moment. If you don't mind, please put said information on your blog. You are also welcome and encouraged to put my phone number [949-813-8001] and e-mail: bruce@getbruce.Com ... We're raising money at a breakneck pace to do TV advertising with."

Best of luck to Bruce, and thanks for helping me get it right!

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