Sunday, August 07, 2005

Summing up, continued

Sorry about the break there -- tempus fugus.

Okay, what are my 11 pledgers buying with their support of Doctors Without Borders? Here's a list.

$35 buys two high-energy meals for 200 children. The $245 in pledges will buy a week's worth of food for 200 kids, or a day's worth for 1,400.

Or, that same $245 will buy vaccines against some of the most pernicious diseases for 245 people.

Or three suture kits to treat shrapnel wounds, with change left over.

Or enough antibiotics to treat about 100 sick or injured kids.

It comes within a hair of covering the cost of a sterilization kit for the needles and syringes used in delivering vaccines.

It covers about half the cost of a basic medical kit that can be used to treat 1,500 patients for three months.

It covers emergency medical supplies for a month for about 1,250 disaster victims, or emergency health care for about 275 displaced persons for three months.

If I have my math right, anyway.

These are good things. Thank you for making them happen.

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