Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A wee bit o' reciprocity

I probably should have mentioned this site before they picked up one of my own blog posts, just because it's good ... but better late than never, and I get to name-drop as well. One of the better blog roundups on the web is Salon's Daou Report. Peter Daou "tracks leading blogs, message boards, news outlets, and independent websites from across the political spectrum -- providing a snapshot of the latest news, views, and online buzz."

If you're not a Salon subscriber, you have to view an advertisement to get the whole daily roundup, but it's definitely worth it. Along with Slate's Today's Blogs and AlterNet's Peek, I visit the Daou Report on a daily basis to find out what's up in the political blogosphere (I visit a number of others, too -- these are just my three favorite "left-leaning" roundups).

Hmmm ... I've made Slate, I've made Salon. What's up, AlterNet? Don't make me pull this car over.

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