Saturday, August 06, 2005

All right ... getting a running start this time ...

Hey, nearly 20 minutes to go and I've already found my next Blogathon site recommendation: Carolyn, one of my BE buddies, is blogging for Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia (I'm blogging for the American branch -- but I figure the money pretty much all goes to the same place).

Also, I get mail. Lots of it. A little bit ago, I got mail about a blog, and about a blog entry on "Freedom is Free." Finally, some politics -- a good take on the trend toward political correctness in the naming of sports teams by Matthew Bryant. Check it out. Keep'em coming, Matthew!

While I'm at it, I know I've mentioned BlogExplosion a number of times. The drama going on over there has to do with the removal of a couple of sites: One because it's started its own traffic exchange, another in the fallout of complaints over that. I'm gonna take a side here -- I don't see any reason why BlogExplosion should feel compelled to support a competitor, or continue to entertain public complaints about not doing so on their own site. On the other hand, the two sites involved are also favorites of mine, and I do want them to do well. So please, drop by BlogAdvance (yes, that is a referral link and yes, I am a referral whore) and Pocketlint (you might want to scroll down a bit to get past the whole BE controversy and into the good stuff -- Deb from Pocketlint is the oldest blogger on radmaddog's list of most bangable blog babes!).

See how much miscellany I can work into half an hour when I, um, work at it?

Nietszche is stupid and abnormal -- Leo Tolstoy

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