Saturday, August 06, 2005

BlogProps: The Big Red Blog

Proving that comment spam will get you everywhere -- if you can back it up -- Zack Brown of The Big Red Blog earns himself a mention and a link. As I will be for the next 14 hours, I'm under "get the entry done" pressure right now, but I look forward to getting back to this Democratic blog for a closer read soon.

In other news, the news seems to be pretty much the same news I posted right here 10 hours ago, only blurrier because I'm starting to get a little tired.

Blogathon. Doctors Without Borders. Pledge.

Ah. A cold shower. That always wakes me up, at least when I can't find a hot woman to do so.

There. That's better. Would have preferred the hot woman, though. Fortunately, I just called and she made it safely to her mom's with the kids (not surprising, but good -- they're hellions and hard to drive alone with).

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