Saturday, August 06, 2005

Stuff I don't talk about very often ...

... but hey, I've got 24 hours and 48 posts, so this seems like a good opportunity to catch up.

Kn@ppster is a political blog. More to the point, it's a radical anarchist/left-libertarian/libertarian Democrat blog. Talk about niche blogging. To be honest, I had written of BlogExplosion for awhile, simply because the nature of Kn@ppster is that it has a pretty narrow target audience.

But I just couldn't resist BE's "Battle of the Blogs" ... and I've made some really good friends over there now. I had to get over my aversion to MommyBlogs, but it's not that hard once you start reading them. After all, once you get past the mistaken notion that these ladies are obsessed with cataloging their rugrats' every temper tantrum and bowel movement, they're just people with the same concerns as everyone else (even some of the same concerns as radical anarchist/left-libertarian/libertarian Democrat bloggers!).

Do yourself a favor: Even if you're not interested in racking up "traffic exchange" credits, get yourself set up at BlogExplosion (if you don't want me to benefit, strip the referral ID off the link), and just surf their selection. If you're into politics, check out PhotoBlogs instead. If you're a veteran MommyBlog fan, read some political stuff. Diversity does a body good.

I had a browser crash between the last entry and this one, so I'll have to find my place on the Blogathon webring again before I can get back to making recommendations.

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