Saturday, August 06, 2005

Oh when will they ever learn?

I guess it's time to bring on the politics. Hey, gimme a break, I've trod lightly thus far.

The US body count in Iraq is up to 1,827.

So why was this weekend's protest in Crawford, Texas, 1,826 moms light?

I was going to ask why Coward-in-Chief George W. Bush felt the need to have Cindy Sheehan, who wants to ask him why he wanted her son dead so badly, illegally prevented from getting any closer than four miles away from his ranch, but I guess it would have been a rhetorical question. He is, after all, a coward so I can see why the idea of coming out like a man to face one of the mothers whose sons and daughters he's lied to their deaths would induce mortal terror in his soul. Once a chickenhawk, always a chickenhawk.

Well. Maybe this will break the ol' comment ice. Got some retorts? Bring'em on.

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