Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Burn, baby, burn

In today's email (from an anonymous address):

your blog sucks big fat cocks. i've already asked brad at blogg'd to smoke it.

(That was the whole message -- the correspondent identified himself or herself only as "me")

I've visited the Blogg'd site a few times. Dropped back by, and whaddyaknow, "me" really did ask.


Bring it on!

You feelin' lucky today, punk?

Or ... whatever.

FWIW, I'm a traffic whore, so if Brad at Blogg'd burns Kn@ppster, I won't cry in my soup or anything. Matter of fact, I strongly suspect that a "burn" brings in more visitors than a "blessing." But either will do. I'll display the logo with pride, or something, for awhile, until the HMO approves my lobotomy and I replace it with one of those godawful "I am a: ring-tailed lemur" or "My mood is: pissed" or impossibly thin dancing anime slut geegaws.

This assumes, of course, that Brad is the kind of guy who takes marching orders from correspondents who haven't mastered the shift key yet and who aren't willing to personally identify themselves (or their blog, if they have one). Personally, I wouldn't bet the ranch on that assumption.

Am I eligible for a burn?

Probably so.

I'm running an only-slightly-modified Blogger template, at least until I can afford to have Jen tart me up. Until that happens, I'm more likely to get the "lazy" than "minimalist" label. After that happens, of course, it'll be a tossup between "posed, pretentious and outsourced" and "stylish" (not on the basis of the quality of Jen's work, but on the basis of the reader's preferences).

My content is probably blindingly boring to about 98% of the human race, since I mostly do the politics thing. The miniscule portion of the other 2% who actually read it seem to like it, or at least love to hate it (which, to be brutally honest, is six of one, half-a-dozen of the other -- it's nice to have friends, but enemies make the man).

In any case, thanks to "me" for smashing today's case of "WTF am I going to blog about?" And Brad, feel free to put the ol' Kn@ppster through a heat cycle or two. Just don't try to herd me into the Thunderdome -- I'm too much of a narcissist to shut my yap for thirty days, and too realistic to risk it.

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