Saturday, August 06, 2005

Some news notes

Okay, we've got 24 hours, folks. I'm not going to just blog about Blogathon, or about blogging for Blogathon, or about my charity (plenty of time for that, though).

Note: Over in the sidebar, there's a Blogathon navigation graphic. Check out the other sites! My first recommendation (there will be more) is Three Moms and a Single Lady, blogging for the MISS Foundation.

And now, as Paul Harvey likes to say, thuh newwws:

- The Russians, with international help, are still trying to rescue seven sailors minisub grounded on the floor of the Pacific. If you're the praying type, I suspect they could use it.

- It is, of course, the 60th anniversary of the atomic bomb's debut. Those of you who came of age after the fall of the Soviet bloc probably don't remember what it was like to live under the shadow of possible total nuclear war (or World Communist Domination). Of course, other threats have manifested themselves since, but I'm glad that that particular one seems to have abated for the moment.

- The space shuttle is on its way home. Prediction: With the continuing foam problems, NASA will get its head on straight and scrap the 30-year-old "space truck" that was supposed to be a ten-year project. It's time for new spaceships (preferably from the private sector).

- Marilyn Monroe liked a good roll in the hay, but needed a therapist's advice to, um, get all the way there. And she got all sweaty with Joan Crawford. Once. At least that's what newly released tapes indicate.

Hey, I had to include one item that wasn't a buzzcrusher, didn't I? It's okay. Think about it -- you can blog with one hand for a bit.

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