Friday, February 10, 2023

And My Final NFL Pick of The Season Is ...

Kansas City Chiefs beat Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl

Why? Well, it's a religious thing. All the teams are interesting, but the Chiefs are the only team that, you know, matters.

Both teams list a number of injured players, but all their game statuses are "unspecified." And they'll have had two weeks to recover from minor injuries. The big attention, of course, is on Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his high ankle sprain from three weeks ago (he played, and won, with that sprain in the conference championship; I'm guessing he's fairly good to go). Tight end Travis Kelce played two weeks ago with a back injury that didn't seem to bother him; hopefully he's back to 100%.

At the moment, my aggregate score in the FiveThirtyEight NFL Forecasting Game is 327.2 points for the season, putting me in the top 23% of players. Since my "money" is 100% on the Chiefs (FiveThirtyEight's model gives the Chiefs a 57% chance), this game will either add 50 points or subtract 150 points from that score.

I remain undecided as to whether I'll take any interest in the NFL next year. A very large component of that interest over the last few years has been sharing it with my brother, who died recently. We talked football several times a week. It was the thing we talked about all the time, and now that's gone. Our preferences were similar:

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