Sunday, February 26, 2023

Perhaps I Should Do More Research Before Just Popping Things Into My Mouth

I'd heard about Delta 8 THC. I'd heard from friends who used it that it was useful for e.g. focus and concentration. And from other friends that it was just good for getting high. A little bit of online reading had emphasized the "focus and concentration" aspects.

So, I happened to be in a store that sold Delta 8 gummies, two for $4.95, yesterday, and made an impulse buy.

And, naturally, popped one into my mouth on the way to the car (I wasn't driving).

Then I pulled out my phone to do reading on recommended dosages, so as to know whether I should pop the second one.

The quick-phone-search consensus seemed to be "try a first dose of 15mg ... more experienced users might go 50-80mg."

The gummy I'd just eaten was 60mg.

Starting 30-45 minutes later, I got the "focus and concentration" bit out of it. I just generally felt more alert. Not in a psychedelic "in tune with the universe" way or anything like that. Just more awake and focused on stuff.

That lasted maybe an hour. Then I got 1) really physically tired and 2) really mentally unfocused in a distracting way that made it impossible to just go with (1) and have a nice nap.

I now have one 60mg gummy left. It's cut in a convenient square shape, so when I decide to use it again (not during the day on a weekday!), I'll probably cut it in half, then cut one half in half again, so that I hopefully (if the Delta 8 is well-distributed through the substance) have two 15m doses and one 30mg dose.

I'll start with a 15mg dose, and decide at some point into that experience whether or not to augment it with another 15mg (and use the 30mg dose another time), or just to save 15mg for later and maybe cut the other 30mg down to two 15mg doses, or maybe just decide at some point in there that Delta 8 just isn't for me.

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