Saturday, February 18, 2023

Learn Something New Every Day!

Today I learned several new things, but I'll start with the negative one:

I learned that I probably don't like goat vindaloo.

I say "probably" because I've only had one tiny two-bite portion of it, from one place. Maybe I got a bad half-ladle-full, or maybe that particular place isn't very good at making it, or maybe the cook was having an off day. But I'm unlikely to try it again because there are so many things I do like that I don't feel much need to re-try things I probably don't like.

On the positive side, I learned that there's a pretty darn good Indian lunch buffet in town, and that I like onion chutney and gulab jamun.

I already knew that I liked tandoori chicken, and chicken curry, and basmati rice, and vegetable samosas, and naan.

One thing I've recently decided to try doing is making small, single dietary changes instead of big, sweeping ones. 

About ten days ago, I decided to give up beef. Permanently? I don't know. I kind of doubt it. For one thing, there's no specific health/nutrition factor in the decision. I just decided to do it, for as long as I feel like doing it, because REASONS. And to try some new things while I'm not having some of my go-to old things. Hence the Indian buffet.

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