Friday, February 10, 2023

I Think It's Time

The writer's block is gone. I was able to knock out about a thousand words of fiction today.

Unfortunately, so far, it's not really interesting fiction. I was writing for the purpose of writing and to get some basic ideas down that I might be able to make interesting later.

"Later" probably meaning "once I've managed to track down a relatively high dose of a certain entheogen and spend a night with it outdoors next to a campfire." It's been nearly two years since I've flossed my brain in that manner. And said molecule/campfire are actually elements in what's not yet really a story, so it would also be, in addition to mental reorganization/housecleaning ... research.

I've been living with a character for a long time. The only thing I really have as an anchor for him is his name, which, for reasons that vary depending on the plots/themes I'm considering shoving him into at any given moment (hippy trippy doo parents? Witness Protection?), happens to have been lifted from a 1983 Malt-O-Meal commercial. What I've been doing today is trying to elaborate on his personality and habits, mostly stuff that doesn't really advance any particular plot, and I've finally fallen into just making him ... well, me ... in order to put words on digital "paper." Problem is, I'm pretty boring.

But at least I'm writing.

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