Friday, February 10, 2023

Simplified Garden This Time ...

I guess it's time to stop numbering them. This is what, the fifth or something?

Two kinds of simplification going on here:

  • Less space
  • Fewer crops
I'm doing a single 4x8 raised bed this time, versus about 2 1/2 times that space in previous iterations.

And I'm sticking with crops that:

  1. I know will be used; and
  2. I expect to grow well based on past successes/failures
Five red seed potatoes (all in a long "hill" across the rear edge of the bed), about 20 yellow onion bulbs, and two dollar-store "tomato rockets."

Put them all in the ground last Saturday, and saw what I think is the first onion sprout yesterday.

I may put out some radishes next to the bed this weekend if I still have seeds around (need to check), since Tamara uses those in her salads.

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