Saturday, February 11, 2023

Hmm ... How Interesting!

One of the major talking points for the Mises PAC -- a Republican "infiltrate and neuter" operation that has taken over many state Libertarian Parties and took over the Libertarian National Committee last year -- has been that it represents "the Ron Paul Revolution." The group lavished praise on Paul, had Paul and Paul-adjacent speakers at its events, claimed Paul's endorsement, etc.

Now this, from the director of the Ron Paul Institute and co-host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Why? The Mises-PAC-dominated LNC is sponsoring an openly pro-war (as long as it's Russia prosecuting the war) rally in Washington, DC on February 19, and the openly pro-war (as long as it's Russia prosecuting the war) McAdams is upset about the removal of another openly pro-war (as long as it's prosecuting the war) speaker, Scott Ritter, from the schedule.

While it's welcome news in and of itself that the Paul/paleocon cancer seems to be self-excising itself from the Libertarian Party, and while it's deliciously ironic that the actions of self-identified Paul cultists seem to have brought that self-excision about, it all probably comes too late to be of much help in salvaging the party for anything productive like, you know, libertarianism.

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