Thursday, February 16, 2023

It's Not People. I Checked.

Over the years, I've tried a number of meal replacement shakes, with an eye toward regulating my blood sugar, regularizing my eating times, etc. Most of them seem to be full of sugar, full of carbs, taste kind of meh, and leave me feeling at least as hungry as I was before I drank them.

Soylent's "Creamy Chocolate Protein Nutrition Shake" is pretty high-carb (36 grams), but low-sugar (1 gram), has a low glycemic index (18), tastes good, and actually leaves me feeling reasonably full for quite some time.

I'd tried it a time or two before and liked it, but the other day I found a really good deal on a case of 12, and plan to make an evening meal of one for the next couple of weeks ... maybe even permanently.

Evening is my biggest problem eating time frame. I don't want to eat closer in toward bedtime than three hours or so, but I'm not good at planning real meals in advance and often end up just waiting for Tamara to bring home fast food or something from the store to cook that I suddenly thought of about the time she got off work, which has me eating right before bedtime. The shakes solve that problem. I know what I'm having, and I know when I'm having it.

I've been trying remind myself to eat something reasonable, like a bowl of oatmeal/cereal or a piece of fruit, for breakfast, and I'm keeping to that to at least an "okay" degree. With one of those shakes at the other end of my daily eating cycle, any flying of my dietary freak flag will necessarily take place in the middle of the day. And will probably mean some exercise if I decide to get frisky, since I don't keep e.g. Philly cheese steak sandwiches around the house. At the moment I'm shooting for a daily intermittent fast of at least 12 hours (no eating before 6am or after 6pm), and will try to slowly work up to 16 or even 18.

I haven't tried Soylent's "Mint Chocolate" variety, but I did look at the nutrition label. No Charles Heston problems.

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