Saturday, February 18, 2023

Find a Great Yard Sale Deal Every Weekend!

Unless this one is some kind of repro -- and I don't think it is -- a hellaciously great yard sale deal. This sale was a landlord "nothing over $5" cleanup affair (they were hauling stuff out and deciding if it was worth trying to sell or should just be thrown in the conveniently parked dumpster), and because the guy couldn't break a $20, we got it and a couple of pieces of clothing for four bucks.

It is -- or at least seems to be -- a 1955 Silvertone 6887 acoustic archtop.

No bridge or strings, but the tuning machines and tailpiece are intact. Neck looks nice and straight, too.

I've added an inexpensive bridge of the correct type, and D'Addario Gypsy Jazz strings*, to my Amazon Wish List in case anyone wants to help out with this project. No biggie either way, but I'm in one of those "awaiting a new debit card because a bunch of suspicious charges appeared and had to be disputed" situations, so it would likely be a week or two before I'd order them myself.

Update, Sunday: Crypto's doing well this weekend and I needed a couple of other things, so I used a little to buy an Amazon gift card from Bitrefill (yes, that's an affiliate link -- if you spend $50, each of us gets $5 in BTC) and get the bridge and strings ordered. Now for research on the best adhesive ...

* For some reason, I get a real Django Reinhardt vibe from this instrument, even though Reinhardt favored the Selmer.

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