Thursday, February 09, 2023

Two Kinds of Writer's Block

One is, roughly, just an inability to write anything. Words won't come. Period.

The other is, roughly, an inability to write something that comes together well -- for example, selecting and summarizing a news hook, staking out a position on the issues the hook gives rise to, and presenting arguments for that position in a coherent manner and to pre-defined length. In this example, writing the day's Garrison Center column.

I'm suffering from the latter kind. Which is not a terribly big deal. The world won't end if it's tomorrow before I can get my act together. On the other hand, I like writing to schedule, because when I get a piece done on time, I'm then mentally freed up to think about things other than getting the damn piece out on time.

The cure for both forms of writer's block, I believe, is to write. So that's what I'm doing here. And hell, I may go off on a jag of little blog bits, just to keep myself in the fight.

Update, 05:55pm:

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