Friday, February 17, 2023

A Quick Deal Comparison: ATOPNUC Mini PC vs. PicoPC

I've been watching a thing on IndieGoGo, and wondering how it compares with my increasingly beloved ATOPNUC Mini PC (not an affiliate link).

It's the PicoPC (not an affiliate link), and it looks pretty interesting. But the model with 8Gb of RAM costs twice what I paid for the ATOPNUC with 8Gb of RAM. Is it worth it? Let's compare.

CPU: The PicoPC seems to have a slightly better CPU (Intel Celeron  J4125) than the ATOPNUC (AMD A9-9400). Here's a benchmark comparison.

Footprint: The PicoPC is a little bit smaller than the ATOPNUC, but we're talking about machines that are all smaller (much smaller) than a carton of cigarettes, so I'm not sure that's wildly important..

SSD: The PicoPC base 8GB Ram model comes with a 256Gb SSD, as opposed to the ATOPNUC's 128Gb offering.

Wireless Connectivity: Both machines offer Bluetooth and dual-band wifi.

Ports are where things change dramatically in favor of the ATOPNUC.

Each machine boasts four USB 2 and 3 ports (two of each on the ATOPNUC, three 3s and one 2 on the Pico). 

Each machine also offers an SD card reader.

But the Pico only has one HDMI out port to the ATOPNUC's two.

And the ATOPNUC includes an Ethernet port, while the Pico doesn't.

It's not so much that the ATOPNUC is a "better computer" than the PicoPC as that it's a "better computer for me."

I run two HDMI monitors, so I like having two HDMI ports (especially since there are no other video-output-specific ports on either machine).

And I use Ethernet in preference to wifi, so I obviously want an Ethernet port.

I wouldn't turn down a slightly better CPU or more storage, but I don't need either of those things, and certainly am not interested in paying twice as much for a machine that doesn't meet my video and Ethernet specs.

But the PicoPC might be a "better computer for you." In which case, you should check it out.

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