Monday, June 17, 2024

Well, That Was a Short Honeymoon

Last night, the Libertarian Party of Florida added four new members to its executive committee (all of whom just happen to be affiliated with the Mises PAC), just in time to pass a motion calling on the Libertarian National Committee to "investigate" the Libertarian National Convention's presidential and vice-presidential nominations due to "allegations that convention elections are invalid due to the inclusion of a sufficient number of ineligible votes that affected the outcome."*

Interestingly, the motion doesn't reference the impact of said allegations, if true, on the elections of party officers and at-large LNC representatives, although the supporting documentation does question two such elections. I wonder if that might have something to do with two of the officers and all of the at-large reps being Mises PAC picks?

After the national convention showed slight signs of a possible turnaround, I was ready to get active in LPF again and help organize an affiliate for my county (the old one disappeared some time back).

So much for that.

I always have limited time, money, and patience for attempting to save LPF and the "national party" from the Mises PAC and from themselves.

That time, money, and patience ran out a couple of years ago, but in a triumph of hope over experience I managed to dredge a little motivation back up. Now I'm fresh out again.

* The meaning of "inclusion of a sufficient number of ineligible votes that affected the outcome" is as follows: The Mises PAC busted its ass to completely rig the national convention, but was only able to partially rig it, resulting in enough entirely eligible but not Mises PAC affiliated delegates being correctly seated, which prevented the Mises PAC from running the table. So now they're seeking other ways to destroy the party, as has always been their mission.

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