Thursday, June 06, 2024

Some Good Medical News For Once!

Per United Press International:

Common drugs used to control cholesterol, blood sugar and high blood pressure might also lower a person's risk of stroke, a new study finds. The researchers evaluated the risk of brain aneurysms that cause bleeding strokes in patients. ... They identified four specific drugs that appeared to lower the risk of a brain aneurysm, after accounting for other risk factors ..."

It just so happens that I'm on two of those four drugs (metformin and lisinopril), and on another (rosuvastatin) that's in the same class as a third (simvastatin).

It also just so happens that my brother Mike died of ... you guessed it ... a brain aneurysm. Or at least a brain bleed in exactly the same spot where he'd had a brain aneurysm repaired decades before (I don't know whether another aneurysm occurred in the same spot or whether the repair just gave way for some reason).

So if there's any genetic component to a tendency toward brain aneurysms, I'm probably benefiting.

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