Friday, June 07, 2024

A Caper I Maybe Could Have Been, But Wasn't, Involved In

Thanks to Ken Willey (a Libertarian Party comrade ever since about the time I got active with the LP in Florida) for calling my attention to this piece in The Bulwark.

It's unnervingly "me-adjacent." I know, like, and have occasionally been privileged to work with, three of the main characters (Darcy Richardson, Joe Wendt, and Richard Winger), and also at least occasionally talk with Nicholas Hensley, national chair of the Reform Party (ever since Darcy and I fell one convention vote short of being that party's 2016 presidential ticket).

I will neither confirm nor deny that I was ever reached out to for possible involvement in the goings-on described.

I will, however, confirm that I had no actual involvement in them. I decided very early on that RFK Jr. wasn't a candidate I cared to support, let alone work with or for. In fact, I had pretty much been clean of my addiction to partisan electoral politics for some time, until the idea of going to the Libertarian Party's national convention came up.

Now I'm hooked again. I wonder any of them there $10,000-a-month consulting contracts are still up for grabs.

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