Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Unlike Some, I'm Not Outraged ...

... that Elon Musk claims he's going to transition X (formerly known as Twitter) to a "paying customers only" platform.

I do think the whole idea is incredibly stupid. Just like I thought him buying the platform in the first place was dumb (and wrote about that at the time).

Supposedly it's about making it harder for bots to infest the platform, but I suspect the cost of building better bot detectors/terminators would be far less than the ad revenue losses from yet another reduction in active user base.

But that's his call to make. Any parting of the ways will be, so far as I'm concerned, amicable. If I don't generate enough ad revenue for him to be happy to have me there, and if I'm not willing to pay out of pocket to be there, no biggie.

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