Sunday, September 10, 2023

An Affiliate Link and Recommendation

From an email I received this morning:

Dear Proton community member,

Your privacy is better protected when your contacts use Proton too.

So we’re offering up to $90 in credits when you refer your friends to Proton Mail.

If you create a free Proton Mail account through my affiliate link, you get a free month of their "Mail Plus" paid upgrade.

If you decide to continue with that paid plan (or choose one of their other paid plans), I get some credit toward my paid plan.

I've mentioned/recommended Proton Mail before. One thing I may not have mentioned is that in addition to offering strong encryption, etc., they're located in Switzerland, which has very strong privacy laws. They're not going to hand your data over to the FBI just because they're asked to. The matter will go to court (a Swiss court, not a US court) first.

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