Friday, September 08, 2023

My Favorite Daily Walking Route ...

... and not only because, while walking it, I occasionally run into an attractive lady who also seems to choose it for regular walks.

From my house to what's usually the far end of the route (a "t" intersection with a dirt/sand road -- I do occasionally turn left or right and make it into a long walk) is about 2,400 steps, so walking it knocks out nearly half my daily 11,000 step quota. 

There's no place on the basic route (as far as the "t") that's more than maybe 2,000 feet from a busy hard surface road, but after the first hundred feet or so the road noise becomes muffled/distant enough that it really feels like being waaaaayyyy out in the country. I've walked it maybe 100 times and have encountered a vehicle, IIRC, twice.

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