Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Outdoors: Not Great Yet, But Getting There

A little while back, I mentioned looking into e.g. a picnic table to put under the crepe myrtles out front so that I could drag my Chromebook/travel monitor rig out of storage and work outside when the weather is nice (in Florida, it's nearly always nice, but sometimes rainy).

Yesterday, a friend of my daughter's who is moving asked if she wanted a plastic patio table, and she thought of me. So:

It's not perfect, yet. I need a higher chair (that's the "camp chair" I recently bought so I can sit out front when podcasting) if I want to be really comfortable. But I just did a significant portion of the day's work on Rational Review News Digest while sitting outside, and I'm liking the idea better than ever. Guess I'll be shopping for a chair and a table umbrella!

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