Monday, July 18, 2022

A Thing I Like Better About Amazon Than About Meatspace Stores


I hate them. In fact, I hate them so much that unless we're talking significant money, I won't do them. 

Especially at a physical store, where I have to go in, stand in line, explain myself, etc. If it's a $5 item, I'll probably just eat the $5 rather than mess with it.

Even with Amazon, I've occasionally received something not quite right and decided it's not worth messing with.

But if I do have to return something, I'd much rather return it at Amazon than at a physical store.

I got a new pair of shoes today.

I've written about these shoes before. The two pairs I have are still going strong, but I had reason to spend at least $100 at Amazon on Prime Day (there was money back involved), so I ordered another pair to put away for later. I like these shoes. If they're available for the rest of my life, I'll probably be buying them as needed for the rest of my life.

But they sent me the wrong ones. Same brand, same size, wrong style.

I tried the different style on, decided I didn't like it.

A few clicks later, I had confirmed for myself that I had ordered the correct shoes and that the screw-up was on their end. A few clicks after that, I was at "pick a place to drop these off and we'll email you a QR code to show the clerk."

I've never had a significant wait, or any questions to answer, when dropping off stuff to return to Amazon. And I had three nearby choices, all of them directly on the route between my house and Tamara's office, to choose from (she'll drop them off for me unless she doesn't get around to it before I do).

In the meantime, they're sending me the right shoes immediately -- I only have to pay for them if I forget to drop off the wrong ones by August 18.

Not including the actual drop-off -- or maybe even including the actual drop-off, which will likely be a two-minute affair -- I've spent more time writing this blog post than I will have spent returning an item and getting a replacement sent.

So that's pretty cool, anyway.

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