Monday, July 18, 2022

Tech Bleg

 I have a Samsung phone (XCover FieldPro).

I have a no-name El Cheapo USB headset.

I have a USB to USB-C adapter.

The headset, mic portion, works with the phone when I use a voice recording program.

The headset, headphone portion, works with the phone when I e.g. press the volume button on the phone (the beeps are coming through the headphones rather than through the phone speaker).

But when I attempt to make a CALL with the phone using the headset, all the sound (my voice out to the other party, and the other end to me) goes through the phone, not through the headset.

I've poked around looking for a setting to fix this and haven't found one. I've done some cursory searching on "USB headset doesn't work with USB-C Samsung phone," but the results are all basically "hey, here's how to plug a USB headset into a USB phone -- ya gotta buy an adapter!"

Well, no sh*t.

My plan for the soft launch (and probably all other episodes) of the KN@PPSTER: Thanks for Asking! podcast is to sit in a chair in my yard with a beverage, cigarettes, and my phone. The headset would probably cut down on background noise, and also make my neighbors wonder what the hell I was babbling about, which could be fun.

Anyone know of a way to solve this headset problem? Thanks in advance.

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