Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Ian Freeman Goes Bubble Boy

Well, here we go again. Ian Freeman on last night's Free Talk Live:

But this really just goes to remind gun owners out there that just because a place says "no guns," I get it, it's private property and everything, but if you're concealed carrying, it's none of their damn business what you have in the small of your back.

This is a version of Kent McManigal's "Magic Bubble" theory, under which property rights cease to apply if you don't like the way the property owner exercises them and are able to hide your violations of them from that property owner.

If a property owner says "no guns on my property," and you enter his property with a gun, you are trespassing -- "ent[ering] another's property without right or permission."

Trespassing is a form of theft: Using or possessing the property of another person against that person's will.

Me carrying a gun onto your property when you've said I can't is no different than me breaking into your house while you're gone and settling down on your couch to watch your DVDs on your big-screen TV. Even if I bring my own popcorn, and even if don't damage the lock on your door when I break in, and even if I leave a quarter on the dining room table on my way out to pay for the electricity I used, and even if you never know it happened, I'm still stealing from you. That house and that TV and those DVDs are yours, not mine.

Don't like a "no guns" policy for entering someone else's property? Don't enter their property. "Problem" solved.

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