Saturday, July 30, 2022

FIO Unstaking Thoughts

Over time, between February and a month or so ago, I "staked" a total of 7,280.12286 FIO tokens.

As of a few minutes ago, I had accrued 1,026.14344 FIO in "staking rewards."

I've never bothered to do the full accounting/math on the deal. If I had staked the entire amount at the same time in the beginning, the rewards would have amounted to a little over 14% "interest" in five months, which tracks with the predicted 30% per year.

I just "unstaked," so now I have 8,203.652733091 FIO in my wallet (current USD value: $467.39; current price per token, 5.7 cents US).  Those tokens are "locked" -- I can't sell or spend them -- until August 5.

How did I do, really? Well, I made 14% "interest" on a token that's going, at the moment, for about half of the average price I paid for it in the first place. So I've "lost money" in theory, but only in theory. I have as many tokens as I did before, plus "interest." That the tokens are worth more or less in some other currency than they were at some other time isn't that interesting to me, since I figure their value will, along with that of BTC, BCH, etc., recover and increase over time.

In USD terms, I figure I'm "down" between $100-150. But I would have been "down" by about the same amount over the same period of time and minus that "interest" if I'd held BTC or BCH instead of turning it into FIO and staking it.

So why unstake now?

No, I haven't stopped liking the FIO idea (use of "FIO names" -- mine is knappster@edge -- to make moving cryptocurrency easy with a single, easy to remember address for multiple currencies). While it's not perfect, it's a decent way of doing things.

I just figure I've done my bit to help that idea along and, with crypto starting to trend upward in USD price again, I might want to exchange or spend some at some point in the near future, so it's time to get more ... liquid. If crypto takes a shit again before I do something with my FIO balance, I may restake it instead of turning it into something else.

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