Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm baaaaaack ...

... My backslide on the "two posts per weekday, one per weekend day" pledge was very temporary. I spent most of the weekend a) at the LNC meeting; b) hanging with others who attended the LNC meeting; c) traveling back and forth to the LNC meeting; or d) sleeping off the LNC meeting. And a good time was had by all, etc., etc., but something had to give and what gave was blogging.

Hopping right back into the saddle, I'm going to pimp my latest project. A cause which is near and dear to my heart is making it possible for as many Libertarians as possible to attend the LP's 2010 national convention here in St. Louis. In particular, I'm interested in getting the "povertarian" segment of the party -- the activists who have no problem giving the party their blood, sweat and tears, but who can't afford to drop a couple of thousand bucks on this sort of thing -- here in large numbers.

So anyway, I'm researching the subject of "making this thing cheap." And I'm starting to post the results of that research on a new blog: St. Louis on the Cheap.

Between now and next Memorial Day weekend, STLotC will be focused on the downtown area (and perhaps a few Metrolink-accessible places further away). The idea is to help "povertarians" (or just plain cheapskates) cut the cost of attending the convention so that they'll choose to do so.

My goal is to get the necessary out-of-pocket costs, excluding travel or gas to actually get here, down to the $200-$300 range. That means I'll be looking at meals for under $10, rooms for under $50, and free or ultra-cheap attractions for the tourism-minded. In addition to finding this stuff, I also plan to hit up business owners to offer "Libertarian Convention Discounts" to get things slightly out of that range into that range.

After the convention, I hope to get filthy rich by expanding the target audience to cheapskates of all political persuasions (or no political persuasion at all) and the coverage area to the entire St. Louis metro area -- as well as offering interested bloggers around the country their own "[Insert City Here] on the Cheap" franchises with an advertising split or something of the sort.

Anyway, check it out, especially if you're thinking of coming to St. Louis next May.

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