Friday, July 31, 2009

Birth of a Notion

My Friday column is up at the Center for a Stateless Society. Teaser:

Like 9/11 "Truthers" a few years ago, Obama "Birthers" suddenly seem to be everywhere, spreading a bizarre gospel of alien invasion at the highest levels of government.

Their curious belief system is a dog's breakfast of dueling bureaucratic paperwork types (one kind of birth certificate makes you good to go, the other just won’t do at all), misinterpretations of mistranslations of excerpts of interviews with grandmothers who aren't actual grandmothers, citations of foreign law from as far back as the 1750s, and whatever else they can dig up -- or make up -- to convince themselves and those around them that Barack Obama is certainly ineligible to serve as President of the United States, probably an illegal immigrant, and maybe even a Communist plant from birth.

All of which is almost certainly nonsense, of course, but it's part of a promising trend.

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